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Hi!  I'm Amy. I love to read, go to foreign and independent films with my husband (I know, weird right?), draw, paint, sing along to my favorite songs, embarrass my kids, and....quilt!  I'm mom to four boys, two Labrador Retrievers (Chewy and Lulu), and two cats, (Link and Penny).  Lulu, Penny, and I feel a little outnumbered as the only girls in the house.

I started quilting in 2003, when I moved to Kaysville and joined my neighborhood quilting group.  Our talented teacher introduced us to quilting through hand piecing and hand quilting.  I made my first wall-hangings entirely by hand and to me they are priceless.

More recently I started working at a local sewing and quilt shop.  I almost instantly gravitated toward the longarm quilters.  They felt like a natural fit.  How could I turn down something that would combine two of my loves--drawing and quilting--into one delightful skill? A few months into my job, I purchased my Bernina Q24 and I haven't looked back.

Working in a quilt shop has provided me with wonderful training and learning opportunities.  I've been able to dive into the longarm quilting world.  Because my store needed someone to teach classes to their longarm customers, I trained to teach the classes and accelerated my own learning in the process.  I've been teaching longarm classes for over two years.


With my machine's automation, I can do some impressive things. I've decided, however, that free-motion is absolutely my favorite way to quilt.  It goes a long way toward fulfilling a need to create that has been tugging on my sleeve for a very long time.