How to Prepare Your Quilt for Being Longarm Quilted

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Getting your quilt top and backing ready for the long arm quilter is much easier when you follow these steps.


How much is this going to cost?

Here is a simple guide to calculate the size of your quilt: if your quilt top is 70 x 80 muliply 70×80=5600 square inches now multiply 5600 inches by .02 so the total will be 112.00


What size should my backing be?

If your quilt top is 70’’x 80’’ your backing needs to be at least 4’’ wider on each side. The backing will measure 78’’ x 88’’


How do I know how much batting to include?

Batting needs to be about as big as the backing (3’’ on each side). I provide a wide variety of backings and will cut and prepare the batting for you. One less thing to worry about. See my batting variety and pricing here.


How do I prepare a backing?

If the backing needs to be pieced, make sure to use ½’’ seam. Assure that the grain of fabric is going in the same direction for both pieces. Iron the backing.


If you are going to use widebacks (which are super handy) please prewash as they shrink more than quilters cotton.


If you would like to use a sheet please check with me beforehand to verify if it will be a good fit.


Do I need to do anything on the top?

If your quilt top has a lot of seams along the edge, it is a great idea to sew a ¼’’ stay stitch around the perimeter.


Also, indicate where the top is of the quilt if it is not obvious- i.e. non-directional print.


I accept quilts in person or mail in beautiful Kaysville, Utah. If you live in the area please call or email me to make an appointment.


I will email my shipping address to you. Pack your top in a plastic bag in case the package should get wet in transit. Always get the insurance, your quilt is precious.


Other tips:

-trim extra threads

-check that the quilt top is square (check out this video)


(Note:  Special thanks to Dara Tomasson at  Much of the information above is taken, with permission, from her site.)