2021 Doodle School Doodle Challenge Wrap-Up

Dara Tomasson and I saw the launch of our new books at the end of September. C&T Publishing worked hard with us to bring them into the world. Perhaps you've heard me talk about them?

"Doodle School: A Daily Design Challenge to Up Your Free-Motion Quilting Game," and "Doodle Notebook for Free-Motion Quilting: 150+ Inspirational Motifs are now available on my Etsy shop and at Amazon, Missouri Star, Fat Quarter Shop and through your local quilt shop. They're books that guide you through a daily continuous-line doodle design challenge that's a fantastic skill builder for free-motion quilters.

Dara hosted the first Doodle Challenge of this kind back in 2019. I joined that one as a participant. I was surprised by the effect this daily doodle practice had on my free-motion quilting skills. At the time, I was a fairly new longarm quilter. My lines were still a little wobbly and my aim was sometimes off. I had a limited number of free-motion designs I could execute with confidence.

After participating in the challenge, my quilting lines were smoother, I hit my mark more consistently, and I had learned a wealth of free-motion designs. Many of the new designs I learned had never been seen before--they were designs my co-doodlers and I created during the challenge. So, along with increased confidence in my free-motion skills, I noticed my confidence in my creative ability also increased.

All these things made me an enthusiastic believer in the challenge. When Dara asked me if I'd like to co-author a set of books based on the challenge, I jumped at the chance. I knew it would be a great advantage to free-motion quilters to be able to follow along with the books and complete the challenge at their own convenience.

Still, there's nothing quite like participating in a goal along with a community who get excited about the things you love. For that reason, even though the challenge is all there for you in the books, the online challenge hasn't ended.

This past November, 2021, I hosted the second-ever Doodle Challenge for free-motion quilters. As the host, I discovered how much the books and the online challenge complement each other. The participants enjoyed learning the designs we teach in the books but they also enjoyed the encouragement they received from me and fellow challenge participants. They (and I) also got new ideas from seeing posts from fellow doodlers and from new designs I taught here on my blog and through Youtube videos.

So, my friends, if you missed the challenge that just ended, don't despair. Keep following me here in my blog and on Instagram. I'll be hosting the challenge again in 2022 and my loyal community will definitely hear about it first.

In the meantime, I thought you might like a photo recap of November's challenge. There were so many amazing doodle quilting ideas! I know you'll be inspired by them , just like I was. Enjoy!

Doodles by lordan804:

Doodles from conniebeequilter:

Doodles by kathysquiltsandmore:

Doodles by Diana S.:

Doodles by jandlee16:

Doodles by curly.girl.in.stitches:

Doodles by me (dappledthingsbyamy):

If you'd like to see these doodles and many, many more, check out and follow the hashtag: #freemotiondoodleschool on Instagram.

If you'd like me to notify you before I host my next doodle challenge, put a note in the comments. I'll send you an email so you can get signed up.

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